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All About Dormer Loft Conversions In Leeds – Leeds Loft Conversions

All About Dormer Loft Conversions In Leeds

One of our more recent projects within the city of Leeds was a relatively large dormer conversion. The dormer itself was large enough that we had to apply for planning permission as it was too large to be considered automatic under the ‘Permitted Development Act’. The home owner themselves were looking to convert their loft while also increasing the overall space to fit a total of two and a half rooms, which consisted of a double bedroom, hobby room and a bathroom. This is common practice both in Leeds, the surrounding areas and within the United Kingdom, and many loft conversion companies often have both the experience and knowledge to perform these conversions. Personally, this remains one of my more enjoyable loft conversions projects overall as the customer had some unique ideas specifically for their rooms.

Creation of the dormer loft conversion in Leeds

The first room that we worked on with the loft conversion was the hobby room. We created two separate walls for both the bedroom and the bathroom, allowing for enough space for each room without compromising. We also didn’t use thicker materials and instead created thin walls per request of the home owner. The hobby room itself was interesting, as it was for an artist. The actual view of the home was nice and the home owner (who is a painter and artist) wanted to see the view for artistic purposes. We fit a large, double Velux window within the hobby room of the loft conversion to ensure as much natural light as possible. Using a double Velux window, we also allowed to enough view space no matter where you are placed within the room itself. We also used automatic blinds for additional elegance and style for the home owner, who appreciated the look.

The hobby room was also decorated to include many different artwork pieces created by the home owner, while also creating what we called the ‘Painters Corner’. The corner of the room closest to the Velux window was decorated to home a desk on the side that housed all painting and artistic materials, and we then installed a large easel holder within the other corner close to the window. We placed a large stool in front of the easel, and on the side closest to the desk we placed a paint brush holder and a pallet holder. The last thing we placed within the space of the hobby room was a decorative flower pot holder for the home owner to place a flower they found inspirational. We left the overall design of the room quite plain per request, painting the walls a plain white. We also laid dark brown wooden flooring for easy clean up, and to ensure as little as possible stain exposure.

Design of the loft conversion

​The bedroom was very different in terms of the design. We painted the walls purple while filling pattern within the walls that were almost a black rose pattern. In terms of aesthetics and look, it may have been one of my favourite wall designs that I have seen within recent years. The purple itself was not too dark or light, using Royal Purple. The black pattern paint also looked exquisite after it dried, as it matched the furniture within the room perfectly. We also laid light brown flooring within this room and installed a large skylight within the ceiling to bring a large amount of natural light within the top of the bedroom. Along with the skylight, we installed remote controlled blinds within the ceiling to allow for easy opening and closing of the bling themselves. Finally, we installed a small Velux window to not allow too much light within the room.

Finally, the last room we worked on was the bathroom. Since the room itself was relatively small, we could only add a shower, sink and toilet within the room. This is what the dormer loft conversion was used for, meaning they could create a little bathroom to be used along the bedroom. Adding a towel rack and a large mirror, we managed to make the bathroom as stylish as possible and functional with the space restrictions provided.

At Leeds Loft Converters, we provide the loft conversion Leeds offer. We hope you enjoyed this post, and you’ve checked out our previous post about mansard loft conversions in Leeds! Also, make sure to check our next one too!

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