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Dormer Loft Conversions Morley – Leeds Loft Conversions

Dormer Loft Conversions Morley

Dormer Loft Conversion Morley

​One of the areas that we complete loft conversions within the surrounding areas of Leeds is Morley. Morley is a relatively small and quiet market town just south-west of the city of Leeds, and is one of the more beautiful places you could visit around the United Kingdom. We also have a few loyal customers within the area, and as we understand there are always those within the area looking to convert their lofts. We would like to go into some detail about the average loft conversions in Morley, as well as discuss some of the previously completed projects within the Morley area by us. Since we like to ensure that every area around Leeds has the chance to work with us if they would like, it is also important for us that those within the area know how much we care about them.

One recent project that we completed within Morley was a dormer loft conversion. A dormer loft conversion itself is relatively uncommon within the area, since the homes themselves are very suitable to hip to gable conversions, and the additional space does not benefit many homeowners within the area based on prior projects. However, this specific customer was looking for a lot of additional space within their home to create an additional bedroom and bathroom set within the home itself. For those within the Leeds or Morley area who are looking for a relatively cheap loft conversion that can create additional living space, then a dormer is a very wise investment compared to hip to gable and mansard loft conversions however.

Cost of a dormer loft conversion in Morley?

​The average cost of a dormer loft conversion in Morley can be anywhere between £20,000 – £35,000, with the average dormer conversion in Morley costing £25,000. Unlike the city of Leeds or other surrounding areas, Morley residents that not necessarily in need of the additional space, making the average cost on the lower side of the price band. This means a lower labour cost per project, and a lower cost of raw materials since the steel beams and other materials do not necessarily have to be as large as other conversions. If you are looking for a larger increase in space to perhaps create additional living space for up to three rooms, then you would be looking towards the higher price bands within the Morley area. As far as loft conversions go however, this is still a viable option and is a relatively efficient one at that.

How long will a dormer loft conversion take in Morley?

​We have also noticed dormer loft conversions taking slightly longer within the area than say Leeds, because of two unfortunate factors. The first would be the designs of the buildings themselves requiring additional work to complete the dormer conversion efficiently, but also that most of our employees live relatively further away from the area, meaning that they cannot spend the additional time they may otherwise be able to. While the average dormer conversion within Morley can take 5 – 10 weeks to complete depending on the size of the project, we would suggest that the dormer conversion on average takes 6 weeks (two additional compared to the hip to gable loft conversion) due to the location distance. However, this is still on the smaller national scale average. This is also based completely on projects which we have completed within Morley on the past, meaning that we cannot suggest it should take any faster or longer depending on which company you go with.

Many customers within Morley often request loft conversions that mainly maximise the size within their current loft, rather than extending the loft during the conversion itself. However, each project comes down to the needs and requirements of each customer, so I would not rule out any loft conversion specifics until you are aware of the project you would like to complete and the size of the project itself. We will discuss more about loft conversions in Morley within the future, but I hope you enjoyed today’s post and will look forward to more within the future!

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