Loft Boarding in Leeds

A rather popular service that we provide here at Leeds Loft Converters is the possibility for us to board your loft. As a service, loft boarding is simply beneficial for preparing your loft for the future conversion into a new room. Other times it is used to add a storage space within your home safely to store things such as mementos and family heirlooms, or even just souvenirs from the past. Some also use it just to store Christmas decorations for the holidays!

As a service, loft boarding has become a surprisingly popular service that we now offer here, and now we have become experts at providing Loft Boarding. We feel that we have become the best and most efficient to do so in the Leeds, United Kingdom area.

We provide our loft boarding services in the city of Leeds and surrounding areas such as Holbeck, Garforth, Swillington, Horsforth, Pudsey, Morley, Rothwell, Whinmoor, Batley, Bramhope, Oakwood, Headingley and many more.

Why board my loft?

People board their lofts for many reasons. Some do it to create more storage space within their homes to keep items or heirlooms safe or out of the way while others will wish to turn it into a new room for the family and increase property value. Being professionals, you can ensure that we will personally board your lofts to suit the needs and requirements for your loft, and we will be available to convert your loft completely in the future or even directly after we have boarded your loft. This process is a useful way to increase available space within the property which is also key if you decide to sell the property in the future. If you would like this service or any other service done for you, please call Leeds Loft Converters right away!

Leeds Loft Conversion - Loft Boarding in Leeds
Leeds Loft Conversion - loft boarding leeds

Some customers are interested in the process of what we do while boarding a loft, and how we actually do it as a service, so we will walk through the process that goes with it. Once we have measured you loft and figured out the specifics of the work to be completed, we will finish measuring the size and span to prepare the boards that will be placed in the loft. Loft boards are usually, pre-packaged by suppliers in two sizes, meaning we will need to ensure to use the required size and board that is needed for your loft. ​

​We will also then need to make sure that the boards used themselves are thick enough to match the needs of your loft, and for the loft boards to be as safe for you to use as possible. This is usually done because if you decide to use your loft as a storage space or a room, they will require fit for purpose boards. Then, we will (if necessary) convert the hatch of the loft into a staircase or ladder. The main aim here is to have an access point that is safe and practical to use.

The loft boards will then be placed to ensure as much strength, durability and stability to ensure your safety in use. The issue with non-professionals boarding lofts is that often they can trap wires while setting the board, or place the boards in a way that leaves weak points. It has also been common for amateurs to mistakenly lay the boards in a non-staggered position, leaving the floor boarding itself with less stability. Not doing so could mean that there will be weak points across the boarding waiting to be damaged.

An important thing that is kept in mind when boarding lofts is to ensure that the newly converted loft room will be as insulated correctly (or for those who wish, otherwise). Many mistakenly use incorrect type of board which could mean that the wood isn’t as thick as necessary for your loft or the room you want to turn it into, or might even not put enough boarding on the floor down.

The opposite can also be an issue, with others making the boards too thick which will mean the room is not properly insulated. This usually stop’s heat from being trapped and circulated, and instead will allow cold wind in its place. This is why the size and length of the room is a factor when boarding a loft, and also why we ensure at Leeds Loft Converters to measure the boards for the room and placed correctly.

The last step when boarding a loft is ensuring that the boards themselves will have as long a shelf life and save as possible. Full attention and care will be taken when drilling the holes into the boards and screwing them into the floor individually to ensure that they are lined up securely with the centre of the joist. Doing this incorrectly could mean that there is a disaster waiting to happen to your loft, physically and financially. If you were to fill the room with common inventory, heavy equipment and even appliances, it means that the loft needs to be structurally sound and stable. This is why you should call a professional.

So, if you are looking to board or convert your loft in Leeds, United Kingdom and the surrounding areas of Holbeck, Garforth, Swillington, Horsforth, Pudsey, Morley, Rothwell, Whinmoor, Batley, Bramhope, Oakwood, Headingley and more please just call us on 01134360251 or fill out the form at the top for a response as soon as possible.