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How much does a loft conversion cost in Leeds? – Leeds Loft Conversions

How much does a loft conversion cost in Leeds?

Cost of a loft conversion in Leeds?

​One of the most commonly asked questions for us at Leeds Loft Converters is how much it costs to convert your loft. Every loft conversion is different, with there being three different types of loft conversions and all of them being different shapes and sizes. It is hard to give an exact estimate on the price of a loft conversion without first learning the requirements and specifics of the project, and knowing what will be needed to complete a loft conversion to the needs of the homeowner. However, based on our combined years of knowledge and experience regarding loft conversions in Leeds specifically, we are able to give you some averages for each loft conversion. This is based on previously completed jobs, and will be separated by the type of loft conversions themselves. On a broad average, a loft conversion in Leeds would cost between £20,000 – £40,000.

How much does a mansard loft conversion cost in Leeds?

​Mansard loft conversions are becoming the most popular loft conversion options for home owners in Leeds. Mansard loft conversions can cost anywhere between £30,000 – £45,000 in Leeds dependent on the size of the project. The mansard conversion is the most varying in price however, as it can cost as low as £25,000 or as high as £50,000 depending on how much space you would like to add and the specifications of the project itself. Many customers like to extend their loft with a mansard by three or four rooms, which in turn means an investment in more raw materials and labour hours overall. This contributes to the higher budgets, since the raw materials are the most expensive factor into the project. If you are considering a mansard conversion as a dormer or hip to gable loft conversion cannot provide you with the space that you need, then the investment provides a strong Return of Investment. Otherwise, you should consult with us to see if the same project can be completed using another loft conversion option.

How much does a dormer and hip to gable loft conversion cost in Leeds?

​Dormer loft conversions are the most common loft conversion option within Leeds, as it can provide you with adequate extension space along with your conversion. A dormer loft conversion on average would cost you anywhere from £20,000 – £30,000 in Leeds. This is once again dependant on the size of the loft that needs converting, and how much space your dormer conversion will extend to. Another factor that is included in a dormer loft conversion is if planning permission is necessary or not. The process of planning permission itself can be long and time consuming, and can automatically lengthen the time and partial cost of the dormer conversion. Since a dormer conversion is also an extension like a mansard, the raw materials necessary for the conversion also factors into the price.

A hip to gable is the final option available to any home owner who is looking to have their loft converted. The average hip to gable loft conversion in Leeds costs on average between £18,000 – £25,000 depending on the size of your current loft and how much your loft conversion company would need to expand the hip on your roof However, the conversion could cost £30,000 + depending on if you decide to construct a Juliet balcony or double Velux window balcony to the loft. It’s mostly dependent on the project and the specifications of the completed loft when factoring price, which makes the estimation more specific once consultation begins.

Although the cost of loft conversions in Leeds dramatically differ depending on the size and scope of the project itself, I hope you could grasp the general average. While it is difficult to give anyone an average price for their specific conversion before a consultation has begun, we hope to have given you some insight onto the budgets required for the conversions to see if they are viable for you or not.
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