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Loft Conversions In Leeds – Leeds Loft Conversions

Loft Conversions In Leeds

Our Leeds Loft Conversions

​In our companies first blog post, we will be discussing loft conversions in general. In the next few weeks we will make individual posts regarding mansard, hip to gable and dormer loft conversions but we thought it best to start with a brief outline of loft conversions specifically in Leeds. Loft conversions are becoming very common in Leeds specifically because it is becoming a cost-effective way to add extra living space within your home without having to pay the same amounts an actual home extension would cost. This is especially important if you approach a professional company such as us, since you can rest assured that the service you will receive would be the best possible quality.

When you are converting your loft for the additional space and you approach a company like us, you would also receive updates throughout the whole process and you would also be told in detail what is being done throughout every step of the way. A loft conversion can give you many benefits from both the additional living space and the financial returns the investment could give you, making it one of the best ways in today’s world to invest in your own property without having to spend more than you would wish to.

Common Loft Conversions in Leeds

​The most common loft conversion that you would see in the Leeds area is a mansard conversion because of the large amount of space that is created within the loft. Not only do you benefit from the space that already exists within the loft using a mansard conversion, but you also receive additional space from the extension itself. This is beneficial to many within the Leeds area because of both the way the homes are shaped within the area, but mainly because it is the most cost-effective way to gain a large amount of space without a ground floor extension.

The dormer conversion is also a cost-effective way to extend the space within your home without using a traditional home extension on the ground level of your home. Like the mansard conversion, it would allow you to gain a decent amount of space. While it does not provide the same amount of space the mansard would, it still provides a good amount while costing less, which makes it the perfect in-between for those who do not want to invest in a mansard conversion while wanting more space than a hip to gable would provide. This is a growing trend in Leeds while people are becoming more invested in increasing the property value of their homes rather than investing in living space.

Additional loft conversion information

​A hip to gable loft conversion is perfect for customers who are not looking for a large increase within their property value but are instead looking for a decent amount of living space within their home to create an additional bedroom and/or bathroom if the space permits. This is a common conversion for home owners who have a growing family, since it doesn’t require them to purchase a new home for an additional bedroom. Since the average hip to gable conversion is less than half the price of a normal home extension, the hip to gable has become a very popular option in the United Kingdom overall.

The rise of loft conversions came just after the crash of 2007. If you look back at any statistics towards loft conversions, you can see the trend grow. Roughly 2007-2012 is where I got my start in the loft conversion industry because of the crash. It became a way to increase the property value of your home for you to then sell for profit, or to ensure that you have the space required within your home without having to compete for what where at the time very expensive homes for an additional bedroom. This is something I lived through, and I think that is why we have become one of the best companies that provide loft conversions Leeds offer. With the experience that I have gained throughout the years and the collective experience our employees have, we believe we are the best.

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