Loft designs and implementation in Leeds

​Here at Leeds Loft Converters, we believe that the most important and a key part of the entire loft conversion process for the customer is the design. Personally, we feel that customer is king when it comes to the designs and look of the newly converted loft, and we always encourage our customers to either try to come up with design ideas themselves, or communicate a vision that they may already be a fan of. If you do have an idea of a design for the loft or maybe some features, we will also love to assist in bringing those ideas and that dream alive. If you cannot draw yourself or are unable to really show the vision your mind, we can always try to walk you through the process and hopefully bring what you see in your mind into paper.

Often however we are asked to design the lofts for the customers ourselves. We complete this process often by the customer relaying what kind of room they would like to turn their loft into, and then giving us ideas of what kind of colour schemes or furniture they would like to see. 

We are usually asked to turn the loft into a kid’s room, and a lot of the time it is gender specified (boy or girl). So, we will offer some ideas and support on what may be suitable by gender for the parents. Otherwise, it would not be as gender specific and we would instead design a very neutral room which would be applicable to both genders while keeping a children’s bedroom

We can design and convert lofts in Leeds and surrounding areas such as Oakwood, Holbeck, Garforth, Swillington, Rothwell, Headingley, Pudsey, Morley, Whinmoor, Batley, Bramhope, Horsforth and many more.

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We have even designed a table-top games room or a video game room and in general this is a process you can be completely hands on with and involved in, and let us know what you would and wouldn’t like to be included. You can even just tell us what you agree or disagree with in our design. We do not make any decisions that you haven’t already agreed to and like. If you would like to just brainstorm possible furnishings on the wall and wall paper, such as paintings or pictures, we would also encourage that. Just as we would with other additions such carpeting or hardwood floors. All possibilities will be run by you with a specific vision set in place from us. We have a creative group of people that love to get involved in this process!

Implementing loft designs

The implementation is also something that will be simple for us to complete while including your feedback. Once we have decided on the simpler things such as materials that you would like to be used and colour schemes for the room, as well as possible furniture options, we would start to bring this to life from paper. After ordering the types of materials and equipment that would be necessary, we would then take great caution and care into creating the room into exactly what you would like.

From the way that we paint and fit the room to the colouring and the overall look of the room, we will ensure it is done right. The room look exactly how you dreamed it to, and it would also be done in a way that is clean and efficient. We will also guarantee that the room blends together exactly the way that you envisioned it to in a professional and efficient manner.

We also like to make sure that once the finishing touches are made to the newly converted loft, there is absolutely nothing that you would like to change, or anything that you may or may not want to replace. For us here at Leeds Loft Converters, your satisfaction is our main priority as we wouldn’t be in business if it wasn’t for customers such as yourself, but we also enjoy the happiness our customers get from seeing their vision in creation. Since it may be difficult for some customers to describe their needs when discussing a creative project, we will ensure that you will receive encouragement and support from start to finish.

Please get into contact with us here at Leeds Loft Converters if you have any possible designs, or if you would like us to help you convert your loft into a new room and assist you in the design of your new room! Oakwood, Holbeck, Garforth, Swillington, Rothwell, Headingley, Pudsey, Morley, Whinmoor, Batley, Bramhope and Horsforth are just some of the areas we service so please don't hesitate to ask if we can help you!

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