Loft Renovations in Leeds

One of the services that we are often asked to provide our customers who already have a loft conversion is a loft renovation. If you already have a loft conversion completed that you are either not happy, or you feel needs extending or editing in any way, that is something that we can provide for you.

​Many people get their lofts converted with an idea in mind, such as converting their loft into a bedroom and bathroom and then deciding later down the line that it is an unnecessary purchase. Either that, or they decide that they would like to turn that previous conversion into something new to match their changing tastes. This could be anything from a bedroom to a gaming theatre. Other times, they would just like to update the previous design of the room to something new.

​These are all things we can help you with in the Leeds area as well as Holbeck, Garforth, Swillington, Horsforth, Oakwood, Headingley, Pudsey, Morley, Rothwell, Whinmoor, Batley, and Bramhope among others.

What is a loft renovation?

​For most customers, a loft renovation is used to turn a previous loft conversion into something new. If you had your loft conversion for a long enough time, eventually natural wear or tear from weather effects or even something as simple as damages from usage can be fixed and up-kept. Other times, a significant amount of damage could have been made to your loft by an accident from one of the occupants of the property or loft itself. Customers may also decide that the design of the home itself is either outdated or no longer matches the taste of what they need.

That is why we can work on these things at the same time. Along with updating the furniture and the finishing’s of the previous loft conversion itself, we can also work on the structure and foundations of the conversion itself. There are major and minor repairs that we can carry out, from the wooden beams within the loft itself to the boarding’s, floorings and even the stairs or ladder that connects the loft itself. There may be natural damages to the painting and flooring within the conversion, and at times damages to the windowsill. These are all things that not only will we keep an eye out for actively, but also things we will ensure to upkeep and fix for you before anything has been completed.

Leeds Loft Conversion - Loft Renovations Leeds
Leeds Loft Conversion - Loft Renovations in Leeds

We are often asked by the customer to redesign the previous conversion without adjusting the layout or function. We would redesign whatever necessary for the loft conversion, from the colour schemes and the furnishings to the fixtures and the flooring. These are all things that can be changed simply without having to delve too deeply into the budget of the renovation itself. Some customers prefer an updated version to the scheme and design that they already have, while others would like to receive a completely new and fresh outlook. We never make any decisions without our customers approval, and it is something that we make sure every customer would like. These decisions are also not made independently, and we ensure that every customer agrees and enjoys their choice.

Sometimes we may be asked by the customer to change the conversion entirely from one room into another. A previous customer may have gotten their loft converted into a double bedroom and bathroom for the intentions of renting it out to a customer as somewhere to stay, while other customers may have had a growing family that meant space was necessary. Other times, it could be as simple as deciding that something they thought they needed was no long necessary. Often, we are asked to make these renovations to turn these rooms into more luxurious options. Game theatres and home cinema theatres are some of the more requested options, since it is relatively easy to soundproof those rooms and block natural light. It is also possible to turn the loft into a balcony or flat roof if you would like. All these options are possible, and mainly comes down to what you as a customer would like.

If you are considering renovating your previous loft into a new living space or updating the previous space, then contact us at Leeds Loft Converters. We provide these services in Leeds, including Holbeck, Garforth, Swillington, Horsforth, Oakwood, Headingley, Pudsey, Morley, Rothwell, Whinmoor, Batley, Bramhope  and many more around the area. Just give us a call on 01134360251 or filling out the form at the top of the page!