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All About Mansard Loft Conversions In Leeds – Leeds Loft Conversions

All About Mansard Loft Conversions In Leeds

Mansard Loft Conversions In Leeds

​Recently, we completed a mansard loft conversion in Leeds that was one of the largest of scale we have ever completed. Yesterday we spoke about loft conversions in Leeds generally, but today we are talking specifically about a mansard conversion we completed. The average mansard conversion in Leeds can usually fit three different rooms within the conversions altogether, while this mansard conversion was large enough to fit 4 and a half rooms. For those who are unaware, a four and a half room addition within a home is the same as the average two bedroom flat within Leeds. That is a large amount and as a loft conversion company, this is something we also see rarely.

How much does a mansard loft conversion cost in Leeds?

​The customer wanted two double bedrooms, a hobby room and a bathroom on the half for their room specifications, while also having a specific layout in mind. This is usually how we complete most projects, but the issue with this specific mansard conversion is that the layout they wanted meant a large increase in budget unnecessarily. We believe it is our duty as a loft conversion company to raise this concerns with the homeowner to let them know that we could save them quite a bit of money by changing a few rooms around for special restrictions so they wouldn’t have to invest so much into the raw materials required. Unfortunately, the customer would not change their mind. This isn’t an issue for us as a company since the main aim apart from the construction of the loft conversion is to ensure customer satisfaction, so if they were happy, we were!

The mansard loft conversion itself was on the financially higher end of the average loft conversion. When you consider how much manpower and resources is required to complete a project of this scope, this is natural. The average mansard conversion can cost between £25,000 – £55,000 so if you consider that this specific customer was spending within the higher end for their conversion, then you’d realise the investment is large. This customer also specifically pursued the mansard and a loft conversion in general to add what you could consider an additional extension within their home for the reason of rising property value, so the investment would be well returned.

Specific customer needs

​With home owners who are specifically investing within their home using a loft conversion, we must keep specific needs in mind that we wouldn’t otherwise. When a home owner invests into a large loft conversion for the idea of raising the property value significantly, you should design the loft conversion in the eyes of both the current and the next home owner. While this may sound obvious, it can be very tricky to understand someone’s needs while predicting another’s. This is where our personal designers come into place, since they design very ergonomic rooms to ensure general aesthetical pleasing. An example of this would be a gender-neutral children’s bedroom, so the next homeowner can see a sample of the room and design from there. The rooms must also be easily accessible for anyone who would like to use it. This includes children, adults and those with a physical handicap and often this need can be accidentally neglected.

That is why with this specific mansard, once we learnt that the conversion was to add property value and not for use of the home owner himself, we pushed for neutral colours and designs. After explaining the issue of the potential buyer needing to see the room in their vision rather than the home owners, the loft conversion itself was smoothly transitioned and the designs our professionals created were both aesthetically pleasing and practical. This is something that we as a loft conversion company must always keep in mind when completing these projects. The overall goal is for the customer to receive a loft conversion they are happy with and they see value in, so to explain something simple that would benefit them in the long run is what made this mansard loft conversion a success in both our eyes and the home owners.

If you are interested in any more loft conversion stories or thoughts, please check out our next blog post!

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