Mansard Loft Conversion in Leeds

Here at Leeds Loft Converters, we provide our customers with any type of loft conversion from dormer and hip to gable to mansard loft conversions. One of the more popular loft conversion services in the Leeds, United Kingdom area is a mansard loft conversion due to the added special benefits that they provide.

​Mansard loft conversions are often used and requested by those in Leeds, England because hip to gable and dormer loft conversion do not add the necessary space that is required for the home owners. This is a service that we have been providing customers within the area for many years, and we have become the most suitable and most professional company to provide this within the area. We are responsible and cost effective, and most importantly we ensure that we provide this service using the most environmentally friendly materials possible.

We provide our mansard loft conversion services in Leeds and surrounding areas such as Holbeck, Garforth, Swillington, Rothwell, Whinmoor, Batley, Bramhope, Horsforth, Oakwood, Headingley, Pudsey, Morley and many others.

Why a mansard loft conversion?

​Mansard loft conversions can be done for both detached and semi-detached properties, but the reason they are so popular in the Leeds, United Kingdom area is due to the amount of detached homes that have been built. We can also provide this service to houses that are terraced too, which you may prefer if you own a terraced property. Mansard loft conversions are used because of the added space within your home. The benefit with mansard conversions are that rather than you undergo extensions or additions onto the ground or second levels of your flooring, you add an extension onto your roof instead. You can receive a total of 70% of extra space within your loft addition using a mansard loft extension, allowing you to build more than two rooms within your loft rather than the one.

With a mansard loft conversion, we would simply connect your roof flatly to your conversion and add the windows within the loft itself. This would also be done in a way to ensure the loft windows match the windows of the home evenly. The mansard loft conversion is the most expensive of the loft conversion options due to the materials needed for the extra size. The mansard conversion is more of an extension than an ordinary conversion, and the materials such as the steel beams needed to ensure that it is safely done can be expensive, as can the labour costs to hire the most skilled workers to do so. The health and safety importance can also not be understated, and the job should always be done as efficiently as it is safely. That is why it is important that although it may seem a mansard conversion is more expensive than the others, the costs required to complete one efficiently are the cause.

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​Here at Leeds Loft Converters, we often complete loft conversions in Leeds. Mansard loft conversions are becoming increasingly popular within the city of Leeds because they enable homeowners to add a significant amount of space within your loft conversion, but also because the designs of properties themselves are also suitable for mansard loft conversions. They are the largest loft conversion that is available to home owners within the Leeds area and surrounding areas. They are however, the most expensive loft conversion option that is available to homeowners. They also provide the largest return of investment for homeowners, since you can add 4 – 5 different rooms with the mansard loft conversion.

Mansard loft conversions cost £35,000 on average from the start of planning to the completion of construction within the city of Leeds. They can also realistically cost anywhere between £30,000 - £50,000 one factoring in the cost of raw materials and labour hours that are necessary to efficiently complete the project. You should also take into consideration that potential delays throughout the planning and construction process could also increase the overall cost of the loft conversion. The more space that is necessary to extend, the most the cost would also increase.

Our Leeds loft conversion company complete loft conversions Leeds homes can be incredibly proud of! If you are looking for a cost-effective loft conversion in Leeds, then contact Leeds Loft Converters today! We also provide our services in Holbeck, Garforth, Swillington, Rothwell, Whinmoor, Batley, Bramhope, Horsforth, Oakwood, Headingley, Pudsey, Morley and many more!

How long does a mansard loft conversion take in Leeds?

A mansard loft conversion takes the longest of all loft conversion options to complete due to the overall size of the project itself. This is due to the actual size and scope of mansard conversions, and these conversions needing the most construction work to complete. Mansard loft conversions take 8 weeks on average to complete within the city of Leeds. They could also take anywhere between 5 – 12 weeks to complete from the start of construction to finish due to the overall size of the project itself. It may also take longer than the general average timescale when taking into consideration the length of time your specific project may take. If you are looking for a loft conversion in Leeds, then contact Leeds Loft Converters today!

The benefits of a mansard loft conversion?

What is important about a mansard conversion is the benefits that they give back. The added space, size and overall rooms that are given from a mansard conversion make a huge difference on the property value of your home, and the usability of your home altogether. The large living space that is included within a mansard conversion makes a large difference when it comes to the space of your home, and the property value because the chances are, it would be larger than other houses within the area. You can do practically whatever you would like with your new living space within the mansard conversion, and that is one of the reasons the added space can raise the property value so high.

You can add an extra bedroom and bathroom using a loft conversion such as a mansard because the extra space allows you to add a partitioned wall. This will allow you to create what is essentially two bedrooms in your loft space instead of one. You could also create a steam room and a sauna if you would like, or even one large home cinema instead. The uses of the mansard are totally up to you, but no other loft conversion will give you the space and size that a mansard would.

If you are looking for a professional mansard loft conversion or another type of conversion, then contact us at Leeds Loft Converters. We do not just provide our services in the city of Leeds, United Kingdom but also as Holbeck, Garforth, Swillington, Rothwell, Whinmoor, Batley, Bramhope, Horsforth, Oakwood, Headingley, Pudsey, Morley and many more around the area. Just give us a call on 01134360251 or filling out the form at the top of the page!